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The total length of the coastline of Folegandros is 39.9km, therefore the cruise is quite easy when the weather is good. The island has a very interesting geological landscape (limestone at the southeast, shale at the northwest) with impressive steep slopes.

There are plenty of interesting spots for swimming, bird watching (falcons, Bonelli’s eagles, cormorants) and snorkeling (dusky groupers, goldblotch groupers).

The island has no organized marinas. The safest moorings are found at the port of Karavostasis and the bay of Vathy in Aggali.

Karavostasis, with a maximum depth of 8m, is protected from the western winds, but you have to be careful when Gregale, Sirocco or Levante blow, as well as by the moorings, since in high tourism seasons there is limited space.  

Aggali, with a maximum depth of 29m, offers better protection than Karavostasis against north winds, however it is exposed to Libeccio.


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