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Telendos : Raw, yet refined

Telendos is the friendliest island in the Aegean. No roads, no cars, just smiling faces and lots of genuine Greek hospitality. A quiet haven just a boat ride away from Kalymnos Island, so close you could swim across!

Telendos lies about 700 meters off the coast of Kalymnos, of which it was once part. In an earthquake of 554 BC, which according to the historiographers lasted for 14 days, the ground subsided and the channel of water separating the two islands came into being. On the bed of the sea, important ruins have been found of the ancient buildings in a large city which has been tentatively identified as Pothaea, the original island capital. The terrain of Telendos is mountainous, with Rachi (458 m) as the highest peak. There are also remains of a Roman town, a castle, and the medieval monastery of St Basil. There are a number of small beaches all within 10 to 15 minutes walk, there being no roads on the island. Some of the walk is paved whilst access to the more remote and secluded beaches is via stony rough ground. 

From Myrties you must take a boat over to the magical island of Telendos. It is basically a mountain in the sea with no paved roads or vehicles, 3 beaches, 50 permanent inhabitants and six excellent taverns. The sound created between Telendos and Kalymnos is a beautiful sheltered stretch of water and don’t worry about ferry timetables or getting back.

The boatmen have their own system and no matter what time you finish a meal on Telendos there is a boat to bring you back. The harbour is small and quiet, and is reached by using any of the regular small ferry boats travelling between the island and the port has numerous taverns along the waterfront and some small shops selling water and essentials. All the taverns specialize in fresh fish simply cooked which have been landed by the island’s fishermen that morning.

Telendos is a place apart, a place get off and let the world go by so you won’t find it easy to take the short ferry ride back to the “mainland”. Go there, turn off and enjoy a time and experience which is all too rare in the modern world.

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