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TELENDOS : Slide shows a small paradise !

An island without wheels , with gentle island rhythms , good beaches and with easy access , Telendos can  promise you a few days of absolute carefree , with sun , sea , awesome sunsets , relaxing walks . You will be surprised how many activities you  can have on the small Telendos!


Located next to Kalymnos (just 900 meters) and invites you to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and swim in the azure shores (there are regular connections with boats ranging from Myrties).

Arriving in Telendos you face the tiny fishing village with its picturesque pier where the boats tie up. Along the quay there are the taverns, while the waterfront is "peratzada" of the island.

Almost all beaches are accessible by land, some to reach after a relaxed hiking. The beaches' “Pnigmenos “,"Chochlakas", "Papa Michalis", "Potha","Paradise", is isolated in every sense of the word!
If you want something different, choose walking. Telendos offers two small and beautiful walks. Visit the ruins of the impressive early Christian church of St. Constantine. Start from the port of Telendos and follow the shapely path to the north along the beach to head to the church. Then, walking 20 minutes, you arrive at the beach under the monastery where you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters.
You can follow the hiking trail to the early Christian necropolis.
Start at the dirt path that heads on the left of the port , pass through the pine forest and Tholaria position will find Paleochristian Necropolis of Telendos , the most important archaeological sites of the island. Saved nine funerary structures in the form of domed buildings , the floor are Built, rectangular tombs . Southwest of the early Christian necropolis under a small canyon , you can swim in the bay Pnigmenos . There are preserved the remains of an early Christian church.

Last but not least although Kalymnos considered a destination for climbers from around the world, past and Telendos dynamic comes into play . Europeans climbers carved some interesting trails that will surely delight fans of the sport.

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