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Watercolor Perfection at Symi

Located in the Southern Dodecanese, north of Rhodes and close to the coast of south-west Turkey, Symi is a well-known holiday destination. It is a scenic traditional village with shipbuilding and sponge diving history and unique architecture. When you first come across its port, its beauty will leave you breathless with colorful and elegant mansions constructed amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill and offering breathtaking view to the sea from any spot.

As the time goes back to the Trojan Wars, Symi’s past is adventurous with a series of invaders, beginning with the Dorians, the Romans and some two or three hundred years afterwards, the Turks and the Italians. Symi became a strategically important island and in 1947, along with the rest of the Dodecanese islands, became part of the Greek nation.

The Town Square is one of the venues for the Symi Festival. St. John's Church has an interesting burial ground as well as a recently restored pebble courtyard which is also a Festival venue. The Kataratkis, a steep footpath at the back of the harbor towards the Castle and Chorio, was the ancient road connecting the village with the harbour before the Kali Strata. It is the most pleasant, the most elegant and most memorable ascent you will ever do in the island, without complaining. If you look at the Gialos some of the 2500 neoclassic houses will leave you speechless.
Although the island is well-known for its Neo-Classical port and the unspoilt ambiance of a real Greek island, sun-lovers are also well-catered for.Enjoy the stupendous calm and peace of the islands golden beaches such as Agios Nikolaos, Nanou beach, Agia Marina and Marathounda where time stands still. Choose ease, harmony and wellbeing over the hectic pace of today’s lifestyle.


Symi also features superb walking terrain. During May and September walkers from all over the world arrive on the island to enjoy routes ranging from explorations of the harbour and the old town to longer walks venturing through the island's heavily wooded interior, visiting the many small chapels and monasteries encountered as well as the more spectacular of Symi's otherwise inaccessible bays.


This beautiful island enchants the visitors wherever they find themselves. Begin your journey at Symi.

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