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-Sikinos is located on the southern part of the Cyclades between Ios and Folegandros and it is 102n.m. from Piraeus.

-Its area is 41.6km2, its length reaches 14km and its coastline is extended in 40km.

-The terrain, in which schists and limestones dominate, is one of the most mountainous terrains in the Aegean. The tallest mountains are Troulos (553m) and Agios Mamas (549m) and in SW the hill of Agia Marina (450m).

-The S side of the island is smoother while on its N steeper part an almost vertical cliff 300m high stands out above which there is Chora.

-The seaport of Sikinos, Alopronia, is connected to Piraeus, Lavrio and the surrounding islands by boat.

-The climate of the island is dry, with lots of sunshine and strong winds.

-In Sikinos pistacia plants, tamarix trees, common junipers, carob trees and few pine trees thrive. Small olive groves and vineyards are cultivated as well. In countryside the bluebells (C. calaminthifolia and C. Lacinata), the shrubby rosehip (Dianthus fruticosus), brushwood and plenty of thyme, which favors the local beekeeping, bloom.

-The asphalted roads of the island are restricted to the connection of the port to Chora, the Diocese and the beach of Agios Georgios. The structuring, sporadic from the port up to Chora, does not degrade the natural landscape, which generally remains unaltered.

-The most important living animals in the island’s fauna are the monk seal monachus monachus, the Bonelli's Eagle, the Eleonora's Falcon, and the Audouin's Gull. The entire island of Sikinos has been characterized as a protected biotope and it integrated in the Pan-European Network ΝATURA 2000.

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