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General Information

Mykonos is located in the Central Aegean area. The island, along with Delos and Rineia with which it constitutes a municipality, extends over a surface of 105.481 acres. Its coastline has a total length of almost 81km.

- Mykonos is 94NM away from Piraeus and 74NM away from Rafina.

- The highest mountain peaks of the island are Profitis Ilias Anomeritis (341m) and Profitis Ilias Vorniotis (372m).

- The bays of Chora, Panormos, Korfos, Elia, Kalafatis and Ornos are the most important bays of the island.

- The prevailing winds in the area are the northern ones with an occurrence rate of 38.2%, followed by the northeastern ones with an occurrence rate of 16.3%. The rate of lull is relatively small reaching approximately 11.3%. The winds are neither strong nor gentle ranging between 2 and 6 on the Beaufort scale.


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