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Kimolos is located at the southwestern end of the Cyclades. The large, uninhabited island of Polyaigos belongs to Kimolos along with other smaller islands such as, Agios Efstathios, Agios Georgios, Rematonisa, Klimatonisa, Prasonisi, Agios Andreas, Pyrgonisi etc. It constitutes an important biotope for the survival and reproduction of the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus.

The island extends over 36km2 and the length of the coastline is 38km forming plenty of bays, islets, sandy and rocky coasts and numerous marine caves. The island’s shape resembles a regular pentagon.

The relief is hilly and the highest peak is Paliokastro (365m).

It has approximately 700 permanent residents, most of whom live in Chorio.

Many of the permanent residents are pensioners, who after retirement return to the island free of obligations in order to be occupied with agriculture, cattle-breeding or fishing and feel young again in their little paradise.

Young people are mainly occupied in the mines of Kimolos and Milos. They are craftsmen, merchants, practitioners, fishermen, sailors and almost all of them, farmers. 



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