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Delos is located at the heart of the Aegean, at the centre of the Cyclades which form a circle around it. Callimachus called Delos the “Hearth of the islands”, namely the altar and centre of the islands.

-It is a bit larger than a typical rocky islet with a length of about 6 kilometers and an area of 3.4km2.

- It has a temperate insular climate, with mild winters and cool summers, without rains. There is often quite a lot of humidity in the morning and strong winds (the etesians) blow over it during July and August.

-It consists of granite rocks that are 11-15 million years old. The tectonic activity, the slight erosion of the rocks, the morphology of the terrain and the climate conditions led to the surface of the island being mostly rocky.  

-Almost all of its eastern coasts are very steep, since the rocks there reach the sea level. The northern and mostly the western coasts are flat with many coves and sandy beaches. 

- A low granite mountain called Kynthos or Kastro (112m) stands in the middle of the island. From its peak the visitor can enjoy a panoramic view over Delos as well as the neighboring Cyclades.    

-There are no spring waters. From the ancient times up until today potable water has been pumped from the same wells (the well of Cleopatra, the well of Maltezos), which are located in the patios of ancient houses. In antiquity, there were many public wells and drinking fountains apart from the private ones. During those times the rain water created the river Inopos that run down the foothills of Kynthos. The water accumulated at the lowest point of the island created the renowned Ieri Limni (Sacred Lake).

- What hasn’t changed since antiquity is the existence of self-sown vegetation; Delos constitutes a rare natural botanical museum with a wide variety of plants. Up until now 537 species have been recorded, many of which have pharmaceutical qualities and are used for therapeutic purposes. 

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