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It is built on the southern slope of Mount Pateles, surrounded by vegetation, and offers a boundless view of the open sea. The houses with their marble decorations, the streets with their narrow archways, the churches, the springs, everything displays the excellent aesthetic principles of the people that lived and live here.

In the central alleyway, there stands the Catholic church of the Virgin known as Panagia Kioura (Kira), with a monumental spring built in the year 1777. The small square with the fountain and the marble frogs is located opposite it, where you can rest and admire a magnificent view. Marble signs will lead you to the spring of Xinari and to the spring of Vrisi. “Xinaria” was the name used on Tinos for the marble decorative elements that were placed at the mouth of the springs. Every village had its “xinaria”. At the eastern edge of the village you can find the Orthodox cathedral of Agia Triada (1852). There is a traditional coffee shop – grocery store and restaurant operating there.




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