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The port of Serifos has constant traffic, cafés, bars and rooms to let along the neighboring beach of Avlomonas.Chora rising in the background, the fishing boats and the little taverns that take their tables upon the sand offer beautiful images. The seaport of Chora underwent great development between 1870-1900, since the base of the Hellenic Mining Company was set here. The iron ores were coming with wagons to be loaded in the ships through the ladder which was constructed at the place where the port lighthouse stands today.
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Megalo Livadi

The settlement is built inside the fertile valley that goes downhill from the area of Mavra Voladia and is run by the waters of Megalo Livadi’s bay. It was built in 1880, when the company “Societe des mines Seriphos-Spiliazeza” moved its headquarters here. At that time there were grocery stores, cobbler stores, bakeries and a chemical laboratory. People from the surrounding islands and specialized miners from Italy lived and worked here along with the locals. During 1900-1914 an elementary school operated, the so-called “Gromanneios School”. The offices of the company were housed at the dominating neoclassical building of the Ziller school, which even though being ruined today, forms a characteristic feature of the settlement. At sunset it is worth walking towards the impressive loading ladder which stands above the bay of Megalo Livadi.
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Very close to the monastery of Taxiarches there are two entrances to the settlement of Galani, which is supposed to have taken its name after the ancient galena mines existing here. It was created by refugees and residents of other small settlements. This area was called Moutoula and the archaeological service records the presence of an ancient silver mine here.    
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Another 3km after the monastery of Taxiarches surrounded by terraces stand the houses of the small settlement of Pyrgos which is inhabited by few families. It comes alive during the celebrations of the Dormition of Virgin Mary (August 15) and Agios Nikolaos.  
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The small village is very close to Pyrgos and it has little taverns for lunch or coffee. It is worth walking until the small, cool square where the church of Panagia is located, the oldest one in Serifos, built in the 10th century. Panagia operated as a monastery whose cells constituted a shelter for the refugees of Peloponnese and the neighboring islands during the Revolution of 1821. Along with the few surrounding houses the small refugee settlement was formed. During the celebration of the Dormition of Virgin Mary (August 15) there is a three-day festival with food offering.    
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Kentarhos (Kallitsos)

A beautiful, small village built in a fully green valley that leads to the sea. Traces of an arched ground tomb have been found which must have belonged to a Roman centurion. A very interesting path starts from Kentarhos and leads to Chora.  
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