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On terraces, in the middle or on the fringes of cultivating areas, various farmhouses small in size are distinguished. They are stone-built modular complexes consisting of a residence room and a kitchen, a storage room, a barn, an oven, a threshing floor, a wine press, a corral etc. These traditional ‘katikies’ of Anafi formed the core of the rural economy of the island, indicating the permanent relationship between the residents and the land.
The stone in various shapes and colors was never missed in Anafi with the abundant limestone, shale and volcanic rocks. From very early the residents of Anafi caught hold of the hammer, on the one hand because their land was infertile and on the other hand because their sea, wild and inaccessible, was not suitable for naval and other marine professions.

The apiculture in Anafi

The dry and warm climate and the winds of Anafi favored the development of low vegetation, which contributed to the development of apiculture since ancient times. Coins from the Hellenistic period which were found on the island bear the insect on one side. Nowadays a rural apicultural cooperative operates on the island which produces and distributes the renowned flower honey and thyme honey of the island.
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