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It begins from the main road of the island –from the level of the heliport- following a NE direction, with a total length of 2.5 km. It was the old path which ended to a military watchtower built by the Italians on the peak of Ai Lias. Throughout its length it is bounded by stones occasionally colored, by normal signs, and by signs/stands with info material about the natural environment. It is considered of moderate difficulty and you will need sturdy shoes, a water bottle and a hat.

Livadia-Lethra-Mikro Horio

Beginning from Livadia you follow the sign to the beach of Lethra. After Lethra you enter a path that branches off after a while. You pass by the hill on your left and you leave behind the small ravine watching not so much the path but the ‘koukous’ (piles of stones) showing the S/SW direction resulting in a narrower small valley. If you want to reach Mikro Horio, you do not follow any other branch, but you continue straight until you reach a natural plateau. Further down you reach the main road, which you cross and continue on the dirt path that ends to an old cobbled roadway which leads directly to Mikro Horio. Non-stop time: 2 hours and 50 minutes
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