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Other trails Parikia- Kamares- Kolimbithres-Naousa (duration 3 hours) Marathi- Logovardas Monastery - Parikia (duration 2 hours) Parikia-Monastery of Thapsana- Agios Minas Monastery - Marathi (2 hours and 35 minutes) Naousa - Kostos- Lefkes (duration 2 hours) Drios- Kavouropotamos- Lefkes (duration 2 hours and 35 minutes).

1. The Byzantine trail (Lefkes-Prodromos)

The best way to go from Lefkes to Prodromos, or vice versa, is on foot. It is a wonderful, sign-posted, trekking trail of 3km on a marble-paved Byzantine trail 1000 years old, which was constructed to connect Marpissa to Parikia. It crosses olive groves and vineyards, it passes through bushes with intoxicating savors and half-way it climbs a three-arched Byzantine little bridge. Duration: 1 hour (approximately).

2. Marpissa-Agios Antonios

Starting from Marpissa and passing by the windmills and the cemetery at the edge of the village up until the water tank, you follow the signs towards Agios Antonios, at the top of the hill Kefalos. The trekking on the paved trail lasts 24 minutes through bushes, cypress and eucalyptus trees. The stones you will see on your way are castle remains. At the end of the walk, at the top, you will see the monastery of Agios Antonios and the view from up there will charm you. The monastery is open only in the morning. Total duration: 45 minutes.

At the Environmental and Cultural Park of Ai Giannis Detis

It is one of the most beautiful areas of Paros. The monastery of Ai Giannis Detis, which is revealed like a white dot after the shipyard, marks this unique place where the Municipality of Paros created a Model Environmental and Cultural Park with cultural, sport, entertainment and ecological activities. There is a refreshment stand and an outdoor theatre of 600 people capacity where cultural events are organized.

3. Parikia –Dilion

North of Parikia bay in approximately 2.5km away from the port, on the homonymous hill, there is the worship sanctuary of Apollo which dates back to the early 5th century BC. The route is uphill and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

4. Parikia-Asclepion

On the southwestern side of Parikia there is the archaeological worship site of the god of medicine, Asclepius. It is a building of the 4th century BC. The temple is outdoor built around a fountain, while some traces from an ancient temple dedicated to Pythian Apollo are preserved in the same area. The route is easy and pleasant and lasts no more than 15 minutes.

5. Parikia-Agii Anargyri

On the southeastern side of Parikia on the homonymous hill there is the monastery of Agii Anargyri, approximately 700m high. From its courtyard one can enjoy the majestic view to the gulf of Parikia and one of the most beautiful Aegean sunsets.
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