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Tower Beleni

The Historical and folklore museum is located on the coastal road of Alinda and it is surrounded by a beautiful garden. The tower Beleni constitutes an excellent sample of the Italian eclecticism showing both Roman and Neo-Gothic characteristics. It was built in 1927 by Parisis Belenis, a rich Greek from Egypt that was also a benefactor of Leros. On the first floor, costumes, dinner wares, embroidery, ecclesiastical utensils, musical instruments and furniture of that period are being exhibited. The second room is dedicated to the great painter Kiriakos Tsakiris and to the paintings that he left in Leros during his many years of exile. The third room with the operating table and the medical tools depicts the period during which the tower was used as a German military hospital. On the second floor, you can see objects that remind you of the Greek torpedo boat destroyer ‘Vasilissa Olga’, exhibits from the battle of Leros during the World War II as well as from the battle of Gerontas that took place in August 1824 between Greeks and Turks.   Info Tel.: +30 22470 25040 Every summer, cultural and artistic events take place in the court of the tower.   
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War museum

In the area of Merikia, in the 1930s, the Italian army constructed a network of underground and surface warehouses of ammunition which had the corresponding defensive positions. In the evocative tunnels of the fortress there are numerous exhibits from the World War II, such as guns, maps, photos and uniforms of that period. The surrounding place turned into a military park, where there are decommissioned military vehicles and armored, as well as fighting, aircrafts that are being displayed.   Info The tunnel of Merikia is open on a daily basis during the summer months. Tel.: +30 22470 22109, 28035  
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Archaeological Museum of Leros

It is sheltered in a renovated neoclassical building of 1882, which was built with the intention of hosting the Urban School of Leros, at Agia Marina. Its exhibits are presented in 4 sections. The first one involves prehistoric findings. The second refers to the ancient times and to the relation between the island and the city-state of Miletus. The third concerns the early Christian period. Finally, the fourth section refers to the medieval period, where you can see objects that were found in the castle of Pandeli.   Info Tel.: +30 22470 24775  
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