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It is worth ordering rooster “krasatos” (cooked in wine), stuffed goat and rabbit in the oven.

The meat is local even in the grill houses where they serve gyros.

The most famous local cheese is called just “cheese” and it is soft, white and unsalted.

Of the appetizers, the bulbs and the pickled rock samphire, the “fava” meatballs, the little pies (sometimes with cream cheese and sometimes with onion and sour milk), the salad with caper and “pourazenes” (stuffed vine leaves of broad weed leaves) stand out.

Of the pastries taste freshly fried “loukoumades” (fried-dough pastry soaked in sugar syrup) with local thyme honey, sesame seed candy, watermelon in spoon sweet and famous “diagourenia” (gruel of watermelon juice, flour, honey and sesame).


Sikinos is famous for its thyme honey. The almost 20 beekeepers of the island have formed a partnership under the name “Ypseli”.



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