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The most well-known local delicacy is “ladenia”: a unique, clearly Kimolian product made of dough, fresh tomato, onion and olive oil.

You will find “ladenia”, “tirenia” (a type of open cheese pie with bread dough sheet), “elenia” (bread stuffed with Koroni olives) and rusks with Pistacia lentiscus fruits in the bakeries of the island.

You can buy excellent honey, “xino” (sour fresh myzithra cheese), “manoura” (dry cheese wrapped in the “mud” of the must), cucumbers (round, striped, and crunchy that get sweeter when ripped), caper, rock samphires and tomato paste from local tomatoes.

In the taverns you can find Kimolian fresh pasta, tomato meatballs and village salad with Kimolian cucumber and “xino” cheese.

At Easter except for the “tirenies” you will also taste “amarathenies”, “kolokythenies” and “melopita” (honey pie).

At weddings they offer the guests sweet “koulouria” (circular bread with sesame seeds) with elaborate designs and “pasteli” (sesame seed candy).


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