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Leros - A Dive into History

Enter a truly inspiring adventure and unveil the wonders of the sea from a different perspective. For those who long to explore the undersea universe of exotic flora and fauna around Leros, you might get much more than expected.


While on holidays, you may admire stunning polymorphic underwater formations that house various species of sea creatures and colorful flora, composing very interesting underwater scenery. The turquoise waters that surround Leros offer voyages of discovery in every direction.


Yet in Leros, diving also offers a look into modern history. The strategic importance of Leros during the World War II has left a diving treasure on the island’s continental shelf. Equip yourselves accordingly and dive into places where shipwrecks from World War II and remains of downed aircrafts are scattered beneath the waters.


Greece’s seabed is a vast museum of modern wrecks. Offering more than just rusted metal sheets, each wreck carries its own unique history. The legendary World War II destroyer, Queen Olga, lies sunken at Lakki port on the island of Leros. Under the sea, time has stopped and the Aegean has quietly gone about its business of preserving the past.

Meet the attractively mysterious underwater cosmos and the marine life, the impressive shipwrecks and relics of the past.


Explore underwater wonders and enjoy a whole new world of history and absolute silence unfold before your eyes.

There is a world of diving possibilities out there. Dive into the unknown and delve into history!

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