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Kassos - Where size does not matter

Kassos is a small Greek island located in the south Aegean and southern of the Dodecanese complex. It is situated between Crete and Karpathos and it has 5 villages.

The capital of the island is Fri, built on picturesque Bouka Bay. Its old stone houses- many of them constructed by sea captains - extend on both sides down to the sea.
To the east and very near Fri is Emborios, the island's other coastal village. It boasts a beautiful church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin. Other villages include Agia Marina, set on a hill lust one kilometer southwest of Fri, and Arvanitohori, southeast of Agia Marina, nestled in the island's only valley. Two kilometers from Agia Marina there is a cave called Sellai, 30 metres deep and 8 meters wide, with impressive stalactites
Kassos has significant fauna, particularly rare bird varieties, but lacks of green. But perhaps this just the reason of the geomorphology of the coastline, which is decorated with stunning beaches ... almost exotic. These beaches can be decorated with rocks, sand or pebbles. Large or small coves, completely isolated or organized definitely you will find the one you prefer the most.

But the beach, which is really going to amaze you ... is opposite Kassos, the small island Armathia accessible only by sea, with a small boat that can take you there. The beach Marbles, combining the colors of the Caribbean beaches of Cyclades, will leave you with the mouth open, while equally beautiful beaches Karavostasi and Apopantoula.
Kassian people are distinguished for their deep religious feeling. This is shown by the fact that, not only do they participate at adorable events, but there are also a lot of churches and monasteries that anyone can meet anywhere in the island. The church of Saint Spiridonas at Fri who is the patron Saint of the island, the Saint Marina church and Saint Dimitrios are some of the very tall and with unique aesthetics churches of the island.
Visit Kassos and explore the Dodecanese culture and finesse!

If there was one thing to wish for that would be taking out the most out of Kassos Island!

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