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Fun and tradition to the festivals of the beautiful Halki

Halki, a small and picturesque island of the Dodecanese, is known for its festivals where there are large celebrations. The most famous is that of Ai - Giannis Alarga on 29 August.
It is basically the feast of the Beheading of the Decapitation of John the Baptist. The island celebrates the feast of the monastery on August 29th. There come to life again the ruins of the 19th century the old capital of the island and the monastery of Saint John Alarga.
The feast of St. John with that of Mary the Assumption villagers are two big events for locals of Halki, which become the cause of expatriates and meeting with local relatives and honored simultaneously the two major traditional festivals. They is a great opportunity for visitors to experience the local customs, traditions, folklore, Greek hospitality and local cuisine and celebrate together with the locals.
The feast of the Virgin Mary of the villagers in the Horio is unique and the ritual remains unchanged for decades. Two - three days before the 15th of August all locals along clean the church and Eve start for the Village. The feast begins with fun and satirical couplets which together with the sweet sound of the lyre lay memories and emotions as couplets show the pain felt by the people when they find themselves in the ruined Horio, the old capital of the island, and remember how it was once.
Other important festivals and events in Halki are the feast of the Cross monastery on September 14, the feast of "Palarnioti" on November 8, the John the Short (Easter Tuesday) at Signi, the feast of St. George in steep monastery Alimnia and the feast of Mary Ettrias on 23 August.
Halki during the first 15 days of September lives at the festival rhythms "Halki Island of Peace and Friendship", a designation assigned to the island for the warm hospitality offered. In this festival, guests are entertained with traditional musical sounds associated with the history of the island.
If you get the chance, do not miss it to experience one of these so special celebrations Halki !

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