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Megalo Chorio

Driving to Megalo Livadi you will see on your right Megalo Chorio (or Mia Chorio), which is abandoned today. The large pit has derived from a landslide that swept away many of the buildings. Today few ruins are preserved along with some newer buildings that stand higher on the slope. During the period 1880-1912 there were tailor stores, groceries and two hospitals in the village. The rare green quartz was found in the area and it is now exhibited at the Mineralogical Museum (Musée de Minéralogie) in Paris.

A visit to a wine press

Driving from Chora to Panagia-Kallitso (or Kentarho)-Livadi, 400m after the junction for Platys Gialos, on the right of the slope, one of the island’s oldest wine presses is hiding. With its characteristic arched roof and the stone beams that support it, it constitutes a sample of unrivaled technique. On the exterior you will see an even older outdoor wine press, formed by big raw stone blocks –which is considered to be 600 years old.  
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