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The sulfur mines

The loading beam, the ship's derrick at the pier, the trolleys, the Decauville railway, the stone bridge that connected the offices to the factory, all the spaces that once hosted hundreds of workers are traced and the memories are kept alive. This is what a visitor of the area of the old sulfur mines, where the dazzling white colour dominates, through the sea, or through the dirt road that leads to Paliorema location, on the eastern coast of Milos, realises surprised. The sulfur mine of Viktoras Melas, the oldest and most important Greek business in the sector, operated at this location in 1862. In 1890 the sulfur mines came into the jurisdiction of the Company for Public and Municipal Works. However, in 1905, their operation ceized, as the production of cheap sulfur in America led the unit to decline. The sulfur mines re-operated systematically since the 1930s –and it was then that the facilities which you can see today were built.

They permanently closed down in 1978.

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