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The Lodge of the nude

It is situated in the area Ai Giorgis. The 16th Lodge of the State Psychiatric Hospital of Leros was quite away from the rest of Lepida’s buildings, as it was here that the most serious psychiatric incidents were sent. It was built by the Italian conquerors, so as the sailors and the officers of their submarines could be billeted. On 14 August 1940, it was from this place that the crew of the submarine Delfino left and one day later it torpedoed the Greek cruiser “Elli” in the port of Tinos. From 1967 to 1970, it was sheltering political exiles that came from the military camps of Gyaros. From 1985, when the most difficult and serious psychiatric incidents of the SPHL started to be sent here, until 1994, when it was closed for good –due to an international outcry- it constituted a matter of extreme embarrassment and disgrace for the public health system of our country.   * Source:

The mansion of N. Tsigadas

This mansion, that is currently deserted and forlorn, is linked with several historical moments of the island. It is located in Lepida, which is the only building that belongs to the late Ottoman period. It was built in 1884 and it has neoclassical as well as baroque characteristics. It was the summer house of Nikolaos Tsigadas Pasas, a rich Egyptian merchant, who was also president of the Greek Community of Cairo and benefactor of Leros. During the Italian occupation, it was very famous as a club of the officers of the seaplane base Rosseti. In 1949, it included the Employees’ Club, the Agricultural College and the Philharmonic  Orchestra of the Royal Technical Schools. In 1964, the building was assigned to the “Psychopath Colony of Leros”, in order to shelter the Child Psychiatric Clinic. After that, local people used to call the building “Pedakia” (meaning: children). It reached a point when it included 160 beds, a number disproportionate in comparison with its surface area (466 m2). In 1991, it was closed and evacuated for good. 

The shipwrecks of Leros

The strategic importance of Leros during the World War II has left a diving treasure on the island’s continental shelf. In the seabed, there are shipwrecks of warships and remains of downed aircrafts. 
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