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A car cannot come near the following beaches. However they are not totally inaccessible as you can access them through paths. Furthermore, the boatmen of Alopronia undertake to take you up to there and bring you back for a small fee. You should necessarily take along drinking water and a hat as the shadows are rare.

Agios Georgios

Beach with thick sand, fine pebbles, shadow from few tamarix trees and a small pier. It is famous due to the new road that opened up to there. There is a tavern. The rocky islet off the beach is called Avolada.
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The most crowded beach of Sikinos alongside the port.
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Agios Panteleimon

Small sandy beach with green-azure waters accessible through a path on the S of Alopronia, or by boat. A rock panel from side to side offers great shadow.
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Agios Ioannis

Untrodden small beach with pebbles and clear waters below the homonymous country church. Its bight, enclosed and windless, is ideal for mooring small boats off shore. The path towards Agios Ioannis is rough.
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It is accessed through a dirt road and it has sand and fine pebbles, transparent waters, natural shadow from tamarix trees and a few umbrellas.
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It owes its name to the caiques of Santorini which used to moor here in the past in order to load agricultural products and building materials from Sikinos. It has two small bays with sand, pebbles and turquoise waters.
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Light-colour sandy beach and pebbles which are washed by turquoise waters. 2-3 boats can moor on the small pier of Malta. Beware of the shoals on the right of the bight.
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Pebbled seashore near the southernmost edge of the island, surrounded by rocks and small caves.
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