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Pandeli Castle

It is located on the top of the hill Apitiki, above the settlement of Platanos with a view to the coves of Agia Marina and Pandeli. It is also known as castle of Panagia. You can discern its three precincts, five Christian temples and other scattered residences. The internal precinct on the highest part of the hill dates back to the middle Byzantine period, something that is also confirmed by the saved imperial Golden Bulls. In the second precinct, lower, the scanty ruins show that this specific place was basically used for the defense of the town and not as a permanent residence.
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It is situated in a mound of 70m above the coastal settlement of Xirokambos and it constitutes the most ancient castle on the island. The wall in the northeast part of the hill is cyclopean and constructed by squared boulders that weight approximately half ton each. According to archaeologists, at the same place, there was an archaic acropolis that dates back to 2,500 BC. Its ruins can hardly be discerned, as they were reused for the reinforcement of the fortification during the classical, the Hellenistic, as well as the Roman times. In the early Christian period, at the hilltop, a big basilica was built. Nowadays, it is replaced by an arched chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In its precinct, there are fragments of the earlier temple’s mosaic that are in a poor condition.   
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Temple of Artemis

According to ancient Greek writers, on the north coasts of Leros, “in a marshy area”, “Iokallis Parthenos”, this is how Artemis was called, was worshiped. The archaeological data confirm this, as to the south of the settlement Partheni, in the church of Agios Georgios that was built by more ancient archaeological elements, evidence of a chancel dedicated to Artemis was found. This evidence dates back to the Hellenistic Period. Nevertheless, the creation of an air corridor in the greater area made it really difficult for archaeologists to detect the exact position of this famous church of the Classical Period.         Info The incident from the Greek mythology according to which the goddess of hunting transformed the four sisters of Meleager into hens is related to the worship of Artemis in Leros.   
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