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Apollonia, just like Artemonas, are mentioned as villages since early 18th century.  Capital of Sifnos since 1836, Apollonia took its name after Enagros Apollo, protector of the farmers. Along with the rest of the settlements of the island it has been declared traditional and this is why it is protected.

In Apollonia there are commercial stores, banks, pharmacies, public services, restaurants, cafés, confectionaries, hotels and rooms to let. At Iroon sqare there is the Folklore Museum of Sifnos.

It is worth visiting the churches of Panagia Ouranofora (renovated in 1767) with beautiful icons, Agios Sostis, with the wood-carved iconostasis, Sotiras with an interesting floor featuring a marble Double-headed Eagle.

Steno of Appolonia is famous attracting many Greek and foreign visitors at summer nights who come here to take a walk, meet friends, eat and have fun. There are tasteful stores with clothes, accessories and gift items, restaurants, cafés, taverns, bars and old traditional cafés. The houses with the flowery yards and the old churches at Steno and the vertical alleys make up a charming, clearly Cycladic, scenery.



-There are traditional cafés in Apollonia and Ano Petali.

-Apollonia, Artemonas, Katavati and Exambela are connected with each other by old stone-paved streets and stairs. They grow in a peculiar linear arrangement which constitutes a unique phenomenon in the Cyclades.


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