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University of Aegean, Seminars for constant learning of the societies of the islands

Event Dates / Hours 29/05/2014 - 02/06/2014 10:00
Location Chamber of the Cyclades, Confreres room

Πανεπιστήμιο Αιγαίου Σεμινάρια Διαρκούς Επιμόρφωσης των Νησιωτικών Κοινωνίων

29/5 – 02/06/2014

“The reduction of the operating cost of the touristic business through the rational management of the water and the energy”


Chamber of the Cyclades, Confreres room

St. Nikolas 6, Ermoupoli



Participation cost: 40€


Information and registration:

or at the local office “Polinisiotikotitas”

Tel.2281097008, Supervisor mr. Kalimeris Kostas.

Scientific Supervisor:

Dimitris – Fragiskos Lekkas

Associate Professor of the Aegean University

Tel. 2273082357, 6977448771

Co-financed by Greece and the European Union - European Regional Development Fund